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The Solution to In-Office OTC Sales

Consumers now enjoy the convenience and freedom of choice offered by kiosks such as Red Box® for movies, airport units for cameras, cells phones and accessories, vending machines for food and ticketing booths. Dr. Box® kiosks are aesthetically pleasing office booths that offer physicians and their patients tremendous advantages:

Patients can obtain the recommended product instead of generic chain equivalents. They leave the office with the exact program to treat their problem.

Sales are easy and convenient.

The physician offering Dr. Box will be seen as a progressive, caring, compassionate doctor who is going the "extra mile" for their patient.

Physicians see patients with varying drug coverage insurance. Since the products offered are over-the-counter, no filing of any insurance is necessary. Patients will be directly responsible for this expense.

Patients pay directly at Dr. Box via all major credit cards. This direct payment is designed to eliminate any cash handling, sales tax or financial responsibilities for the clinic.