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About Dr. Box®

Dr. Box Mission

Our mission is to provide a revolutionary in-office retail system that dispenses over-the-counter, physician-recommended products directly to patients. We will provide a hassle-free system for physicians to increase their bottom line while enhancing the convenience and treatment compliance of their patients.

A Snapshot of Dr. Box   (see below)

A Snapshot of Dr. Box

Dr. Box is an aesthetically pleasing office kiosk that dispenses physician-recommended products directly to patients, allowing them to leave consultations with a tailored solution to their problem.

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While cosmeceuticals and specialty products have been sold at dermatology practices to varying degrees for the past 20 years, staple non-prescription dermatology products such as sunscreen, moisturizers, facial washes, acne washes and gels, repair creams and moisturizers and pruritic creams and lotions are not routinely sold in-office.

In addition, over-the-counter (OTC) products tailored for specific conditions such as warts, wound care, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and rosacea account for a large amount of OTC recommendations by dermatologists."?"

Yet as few as 10 percent of dermatologists currently benefit from the revenue generated by sales of these products. Dr. Box is about to change all that, without the burden of paperwork, inventory purchases, monthly accounting, or risk. Patients trust their physician’s judgment for product selection. Putting Dr. Box in the waiting room will enhance the physician’s credibility and will increase patient compliance, convenience and gratitude.

The Dr. Box is provided to the participating clinic at no charge. The products sold within the Dr. Box are provided to the clinic at no charge.There is no investment required by the participating physician or practice. And, in turn the Dr. Box program pays you! The Dr. Box program provides compensation to your clinic based on sales. "?"

Dr. Box alleviates concerns such as the time and labor intensity involved with ordering and purchasing product, inventory control, product storage, dealing with expired inventory, product theft in office, lack of staff experience in retail sales and financial risk/up-front cost. Dr. Box gives physicians a wide choice of product options. Once the preferred inventory is stocked in a Dr. Box kiosk, it is monitored remotely at our head office. When any item is low, a shipment is made from the warehouse and the product is restocked by a dedicated staff member ("administrator") at each office. "?"

Patients pay directly at Dr. Box via all major credit cards. This is designed to eliminate any cash handling, sales tax or financial responsibilities for the clinic. Dr. Box is your solution to in-office retail sales and the only solution that grows with the physician’s business needs.