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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dr. Box?

Dr. Box is a customizable retail solution for your practice that adds little-to-no extra work for your team, but adds big value to your practice. With no money out and no risk involved, the rewards are high and its a win-win for you and your patients.

How much does this cost?

It doesn't cost you anything. With the simple investment of space and a commitment to offering your patients exactly what they are looking for, we will actually pay you!

How does the installation/ maintenance work?

The installation will be handled through a nationwide network of installers. Each team consists of one certified electrician and an assistant. This network has a history of successful service when deployed for similar kiosk and trade show applications. Shortly after the Dr. Box unit has been delivered to your office, the installation team will assemble and completely test the unit. The internal ARROW Software will be confirmed as working and the initial product line will be loaded in the kiosk at that time.

How do you manage problems when they occur and/or basic troubleshooting?

There will be a phone number for customer and clinic purposes to direct all calls if a problem with the machine occurs. This answering service will assist in customer feedback, complaints, transaction errors, troubleshooting, and scheduling mechanical maintenance. All questions and customer service can be directed by the clinic to this answering service, to ensure Dr. Box remains responsible for all customer needs associated with the Dr. Box service.

What do you mean by customizable?

It is your call what products you offer. Not the drug companies, not the pharmacies and not the insurance companies. The items that you feel are what your patients need or want are exactly what we will aim to include in your tailor-made product selection.

What about private labeling?

We will offer private label options that can reflect the name of the clinic, logo and possibly the physician's name. Labeling will allow physician's to promote their practice beyond the confines of their own personal space.

How much work and hassle will this add to my clinic?

Very little. We handle the inventory monitoring, sales tax, kiosk maintenance, product orders, you just pick up the check! There is no cash handling or financial management of the inventory required. With the simple training tools we provide we will walk your designated "Dr. Box Administrator" through everything it takes to spend no more than a few minutes at a time replacing the out-of-stock or low-inventory merchandise in your machine. That's it.

Will it fit in my lobby?

The Dr. Box floor model uses approximately a 4 foot wide by 2 foot deep area of floor space. It is designed to integrate seamlessly into the physician's office, having the look and feel of office furniture. A wall-mounted TV and ample storage space have been designed into the unit to increase convenience. Dr. Box also has a wall-mounted unit in production if space continues to be a concern. Available in three separate wood grain panels (blonde, oak, and dark), the Dr. Box unit will coordinate with almost any existing office furniture design.