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Each unit will hold up to 12 products. Eight of these products are the staple products selected by Dr. Box’s panel of physician’s. The other four items can be selected by the participating physicians, specific to those items they feel their patients need the most.

Staple Products

The 8 items currently placed in the kiosk are. If staple items change, a notification will be sent out in advance to ensure ample time for preparation and to avoid any inconvenience to the clinics or patients. Dr. Box will ensure that new items in the marketplace are consistently evaluated to ensure that our staple-product listing is current and meets the highest expectations and needs of the physicians.

Specialty Products

Physicians often recommend OTC products that are not routinely carried in pharmacies and are difficult for patients to obtain. These are designated as ‘specialty products’ and may include treatments for wart removal or podiatry. Physicians that see a high number of Medicaid and non-insured patients may elect to use a low-cost acne bar soap, and affordable products for seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea. These are also specialty type items. These specialty items have been categorized and are available for customization within each clinics Dr. Box, based on your preferred product profile.

Product Labeling

A limited selection of privately labeled products will be offered to the physician. This label will be placed on the front of the product and reflect the name of the clinic, logo and possibly the physician’s name. Clear sheet, stick-on labels will be utilized for quick and easy placement. Labeling will allow physicians to promote their practice beyond the confines of their own physical space. Private labeling allows for practice identity and constant exposure for the physician in their communities.

Dr. Box Does The Work

The kiosks are monitored remotely at the Dr. Box headquarters. When any item is running low, HQ is automatically notified and a shipment is dispatched from the warehouse. Once the product has been shipped, the clinic is informed of the delivery date via email. Confirmation is required by return email that clinic personnel are available to receive it. Once the product arrives at the physician's office, it will be stocked in the Dr. Box unit by the designated staff.